Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

Games and Sports : The school aims at all-round development of the students. The children get an excellent opportunity to develop their interest in the games and sports under the guidance of trained instructors.

Art & Craft : While science relates to intellect and inventions, art and craft stir the emotions. The school has a separate art and craft section where the varied creative interest of students is taken care of under the guidance and supervision of professionally trained teachers. Art work and painting are exhibited from time to time so as to provide expression and recognition of their talent.

Yoga : In order to achieve the integral growth of mind and body and self-management of behavior, thoughts and attitudes the practice of YOGA is important, which is a part of the curriculum in the school. This helps the students to cope with any adversity.

Music & Dance : Apart from their studies the school provides music & dance training to the students for their overall development. It reduces their burden of hectic academic schedule and gives them ample time for their recreation. In fact, it soothes the minds of the students and makes them active.

Drawing & Painting : The students get excellent training in drawing and painting under the constant guidance of an amiable teacher.

Co-Curricular Activities : The child is exposed to co-curricular activities like reading, sketching, dancing and public speaking and it is ensured that discipline becomes a second nature of the child, individual and consistent monitoring of every student enables the teachers to recognize the field in which a particular child can excel. Children with similar interests and inclinations are grouped together and the teachers help them to nurture and cultivate their talents. Various inter house activities and contests are held throughout the academic year.